Terms and Conditions

Please Read to our Terms & Conditions -Last Updated: 19th April 2022

AlwaysViral.In has started working on the project after receiving an advance payment – the first half of the fee. If the agreement is not altered, the remainder is paid after the project is completed. When all payments have been received, websites are made live on a live server. If applicable, hosting and domain fees must be paid on a monthly basis.
Additional services incur additional charges based on the number of working hours performed. If the client requires extra services, they will be added to the bill.

The timeframe is an estimate for finishing the project that can be amended and can be found on AlwaysViral.in.
All of our services are completely satisfactory. AlwaysViral.in shall not be held liable for unreasonable client requests such as Change in Campaign URL after the delivery has already started. AlwaysViral.in reserves the right to evaluate whether a request is reasonable or fits within the scope of services provided to the client.

Services that have been approved by the client are deemed to be services that will meet the client’s needs. Any additional work performed on these requests will be billed as per our website services.

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All prices displayed on this website are subject to change without notice. Prices are merely indicative, and Alwaysiral.in is under no obligation to apply them to your project. Contact us by phone on Whatsapp/Live Chat or through support tickets or using our website’s contact form.
Promotional deals do not stack.
All photos on this website are strictly for illustration purposes.