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Comments on famous social networking sites, such as Instagram, indicate your dependability and honesty to prospective followers. The number of comments on your post shows that your goods are luring attention and eliciting responses, queries, and perspectives from your customers. Your reactions to all these comments exemplify your procedures for customer engagement. To sum up, the comment section gives a complete view of how you handle your business and interact with potential leads and buyers.


Fast Delivery:
Take advantage of our fast delivery features. Soon as you place your order and complete the transaction, we will start working on your order. Within a single day, you will begin to notice changes. It’s likely that you’ll see benefits in as little as a few hours. We know how critical it is for every online influencer to stay ahead.

No Drop Guarantee:
The services you purchase from AlwaysViral will be there always and will not be reduced. Else, we promise that your losses will be replaced within a month of your transaction.

Refund Guarantee:
We will credit your money back, the full amount without any squabble, if we fail to deliver your order within the promised time period. The time period of each order is mentioned in the package. For more info, read our Refund Policy.

24×7 Support:
We’ll be there for you anytime you need. When you purchase services from, you gain access to the support staff, which is available to you 24*7. You can contact us anytime at our Live Chat/ WhatsApp Support/ Email Support or raise a support ticket for faster fixation of issues. We are ready to help you always.

Secure Payment:
The safety of your financial data should be of utmost importance to you. We recognize this and have taken full responsibility for the same. This is why we made use of extremely safe payment gateways. We accept payments from Credit or Debit cards, Bank transfers, UPI, and PayPal. You can also make payments with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

No Password Required:
The personal identification and details of any person, without a doubt, are extremely valuable. We are adamant about keeping your confidential information secure always. We will never request your passwords or any other confidential information. We strongly instruct you to keep your profile safe and never reveal your credentials to others.

Why should you Buy Instagram Comments?

Comments are usually a good tool to see how engaged your audience is with your posts. Most people will check the engagements on your posts such as Comments and Likes before following you. More Comments will bring more organic traffic to your Instagram posts. Instagram has this algorithm of pushing your content forward in the news feed of users if you have more comments and likes on your posts. If you receive positive comments on your posts, then many more people will try to connect with you and follow you.

How to Buy Instagram Comments from

The Process to buy Instagram Comments is very easy:
1. Find a Package: Choose the ideal package for Instagram Comments that suits your need from the list of packages. You can use the sorting option for your convenience.
2. Enter the details: We never ask for your password or any other sensitive data to provide you with a service. Just provide the profile or post information and billing details to send the services to the right post. You can avail yourself of additional discounts if you have a coupon code.
3. Complete the Payment: Based on the selected package and mode of payment you will be redirected to a new page to complete the transaction.
4. Witness the Growth: Once your order is placed, it is just a matter of some hours to start reaping the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I get banned if I buy Instagram Comments from you?

Of course not. We always provide organic and ethical methods to send you Instagram Comments or any other services. There is no way you violate any of Instagram’s Terms and Conditions while using our service. So you can be tension free while buying Instagram Comments from us.

2. When will I receive Comments on my boosted post?

You will start receiving the services within 3-4 hours of placing the order. It will take 12-18 hours after making your purchase to completely receive the order.

3. Will my account be safe throughout the process?

It is a common question we receive every day. The answer is, that you never need to worry a bit while buying from Alwaysviral.. We never use any illegal means to complete your order, even if it takes a bit longer to send them organically. Just make your order, sit back and relax and see your account getting the boost you want.

4. How long does it take to receive my order?

Nobody enjoys being kept waiting. That’s why we created a system that can generate your order immediately or gradually over time. Larger orders may take up to 24 hours to be fully supplied.

7 reviews for Buy 50 Instagram Comments

  1. Aarav Khalsa

    I used to be irritated by accounts that generate revenue by themselves. When I first started network marketing, I understood that you can’t get the results you want without aid. I found reviews online and contacted customer service. I paid for the package and had a fantastic outcome in just three days. I will contact you on a regular basis. Thanks

  2. Aniket Dugar

    I didn’t trust you at first because of the low price of your services, but after placing an order with you, I noticed a great outcome and felt embarrassed that I didn’t believe you. Thank you for being forthright.

  3. Abhinav Bail

    At, I purchased 50 Instagram comments. That cost me rs. 225. The cost per like is incredibly minimal at this rate, only rs. 4.5 per comments. This site’s ability to split the number of comments for multiple photographs appealed to me. Furthermore, there is 24-hour assistance available, and you can ask questions regarding the intricacies that interest you. This website comes highly recommended by me to anyone looking to gain rapid Instagram fame.

  4. Reyansh Aurora

    On this Instagram account promotion platform, you may buy a large number of active followers, views and comments. I was able to raise the number of my followers and comments by a factor of ten thanks to this feature. I strongly advise all active Instagram users to visit this website.

  5. Priti Kannan

    I had 500 new subscribers and 50 comments in just a days! Wow! I am overjoyed! How do you people manage to accomplish it? I spent over a month trying to get at least 500, and you did it in a day! When I need to be active again, I will always call you.

  6. Azad Gupta approached me and asked for my honest feedback on a recent purchase. It was a little rocky at initially because I lost some followers and comments within the first three days of my purchase. I emailed them and requested a resolution, which they promptly provided and assisted me with (hence the 4 stars instead of 5).

  7. Sai Nigam

    Why do I take advantage of fake subscribers and likes? Everything is extremely straightforward. It’s nearly impossible to get a true one without phoney activity, because many people are now continually cheating on their account’s qualities. As a result, in order to keep up, you must do the same. It was quite beneficial to me in terms of promotion.

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